Thursday, March 15, 2012

Annual Encoder Certifications

Dear A Tech
“I have a Heidenhain ROD-880 that was purchased new, about a year ago. My QA department says that I have to have it calibrated every year in order for me to use it in production. Where can I send it for annual calibration and how long will I be without it?” Thanks, Terry.
Dear Terry...
Your situation is not uncommon to us. When it comes to calibrating or certifying the accuracy of a HEIDENHAIN gage or encoder you have two options. Your first option is to send it back to HEIDENHAIN in Germany where it will be tested against a standard and returned to you with a calibration chart just like the one that originally came with the encoder which will show the positioning accuracy of the encoder over its full travel. Or, your encoder can be calibrated and certified here at our facility in Southern California where we will analyze the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the encoder, make adjustments as necessary, and then provide a certificate based on our findings. Before you can make a decision however, you must understand the process of each option as they are very different.

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General Manager
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