Friday, February 24, 2012

Machine Tool Calibration Methods

Dear A Tech,
“So I just had my machine laser calibrated, but the finished parts are marginally acceptable! Why does the laser chart say one thing and my CMM in inspection says something else?”

Dear Customer,
We frequently hear of this situation and the source of the conflicting results is in the difference between calibrating the machine and calibrating the process. Let me explain… Temperature is the single largest enemy of any machine tool calibration practice. The lack of proper thermal consideration in the calibration process can result in the introduction of massive errors into the machine tool that weren’t there before. And the worst part is that the resulting laser plots will look good, giving no indication that anything is wrong. Simply by analyzing the resulting plot, I have personally identified and recalibrated countless machines that were originally calibrated using the wrong method. You see, there are two primary methods of machine tool calibration; calibrate the machine or calibrate the process.

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Craig D’Ambrosio
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